As engineering adhesive applications and end uses evolve, they raise new challenges. These include the question of how to apply solutions to ever-smaller and more complex items, how to accelerate application processes and reduce waste, and how to ensure compliance with environmental and health & safety regulations. In response to these challenges we have developed a portfolio of ground-breaking engineering adhesives that focus on ‘by the dot’ bonding applications. These next generation products sit under the sub-brand, Born2Bond™.
Encompassing a wide range of applications, our new engineering adhesives prioritise performance and offer technically advanced capabilities. They have also been created with consideration for user comfort, sustainability and the environment. 


Addressing the limitations of existing engineering adhesive technologies, Born2Bond™ offers solutions for use in mass production across multiple markets. 
  • Automotive 
  • Electronics 
  • Medical devices 
  • Luxury packaging  
  • MRO

ABOUT Born2Bond™

The name Born2Bond™ reflects our products, our purpose and the collaborative bond we have with our customers. This collaborative approach ensures we provide designers, engineers and managers with the specialist adhesive products and dispensing equipment they need. 
The first wave of Born2Bond™ products is a collection of instant engineering adhesives Find out more

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