Bathroom Silicone

Tile & Sanitary Silicones

Bostik’s range of tiling and sanitary silicone sealants are purpose made to withstand areas constantly subjected to moisture over a long period of time. This is achieved by forming a flexible yet durable seal that is also resistant to mould and mildew thanks to its fungicidal additive.

Bathrooms, showers, laundries, toilets and kitchens all have one thing in common…they are constantly subjected to being around water, dampness, moisture and humidity.

Under these conditions these areas can be breeding ground for mould, bacteria and fungus that can be unhygienic and lead to a range of health concerns for those who come in contact with the area.

A high performing silicone sealant specifically design to withstand the unique conditions of these areas, but can actually prevent the growth of mould and bacteria in corner areas of tiles and floors to begin with without breaking down, cracking or peeling over time.

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