Our Strategy 


Our strategy defines our purpose, our priorities and the pillars on which our business is built.

Here we explain the elements that come together to drive our growth – and keep us smart. 

Our vision 

Our strategy starts with our vision - our view of the world in which we operate:

‘Adhesives will make our world safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive to the dynamic challenges of our environment.’

Our mission 

Our mission describes how we deliver our vision:

‘We develop innovative adhesive solutions that will make whatever is assembled, built or constructed smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape our daily lives.’

Our strategic pillars

The Bostik strategy rests on four pillars, guiding every aspect of our business.

1. Innovation as a provider of smart adhesive solutions

Innovation is at the core of our strategy. We develop truly smart adhesives that disrupt industry norms - and do more than just stick things together. This commitment to innovation is what makes Bostik different. And it’s why we are accelerating our R&D operations, investing heavily in our Smart Technology Centers across the world.

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Lead technology platforms

At Bostik, our expertise is focused on three lead technologies: Elastic bonding, Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) and Polymer modified binders (PMB).

This know-how allows our R&D chemists to develop a constant stream of smart bonding solutions, covering a diverse range of applications from re-sealable packaging to aerospace.

  • Elastic bonding – very flexible adhesives and sealants providing strong and resilient bonds able to withstand static and dynamic loads, even in harsh environments. Applications include high performance sealants for construction, automotive and aerospace industries. 
  • Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive – HMPSA technologies provide instant bonds as they solidify by cooling, and remain permanently tacky. Applications include disposable hygiene articles, tape, label and re-sealable packaging. 
  • Polymer modified binders – construction products based on polymer modified cementitious binders that provide strong adhesion, flexibility, crack resistance and durability. Applications include tile adhesives and grouts, floor screeds and leveling compounds.

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2. Globalization of the Bostik brand

We will strive to ensure that Bostik is recognized across the world as a provider of smart adhesive solutions.


3. Growth in emerging regions

We will continue our expansion in dynamic regions including Latin America, India and South East Asia, where we have highly ambitious teams.


4. Operational excellence

Safety remains our first priority and we continue to invest in programs that improve quality, operational efficiency and levels of service to our global customer base. 


Our strategic markets 

As part of our growth strategy, we have prioritized a number of strategic markets. These markets represent areas where Bostik has unique expertise and global capability.

All six have similarities: they are all managed by dedicated Bostik personnel, they each cover a broad range of adhesive applications and they are all driven by innovation.

Construction systems

Bostik systems and solutions are used in a variety of new build and renovation projects across the world. Our construction applications include flooring adhesives, tile adhesives, waterproofing systems and insulation and façade systems. 

Transportation adhesives 

We are active in the development and supply of adhesives and sealants to the transportation sector. Our applications include automotive, aerospace, truck, trailer and rail.

Tape adhesives

We supply adhesives that are used in the manufacture of speciality tapes for automotive, aerospace, white goods, electronics and medical sectors. 

Label adhesives

We supply adhesives that are used in the manufacture of speciality labels, including linerless labels, tire labels, deep freeze labels and clear-on-clear labels. 

Re-sealable packaging

We are a leading supplier to the re-sealable packaging industry. Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacture of FMCG products including chilled meats, cheeses and cookies.   

Disposable hygiene products

We are recognized as an innovator and world-leader in disposable hygiene adhesives. We work with the most widely-respected manufacturers of tissue, baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products.



Note: Not all technologies and products are available in every market. Refer to specific country sites for more information. 

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