polyurethane membranes

Polyurethane Membranes

Instant water proof adhesion to almost any surface

Polyurethane membranes cure to form an elastic waterproof seal that can be applied using a roller, brush or an airless spray gun.

Adhesion to a surface is instant which allows for the same product to be used for a myriad of projects including interior, exterior vertical or even horizontal surfaces.

As polyurethane membranes cure, they form a waterproof seal that is free of seams which would otherwise cause water or moisture to leach into the surface that can lead to irreparable subfloor damage in the worst case.

Bostik and ASA waterproofing products are compatible with Bostik and ASA flooring and tiling adhesives.


Polyurethane membranes: Smart innovations

Bostik offer a number of polyurethane membrane technologies specificially aimed at meeting all of your project needs:



ASA Dampfix Gold (Water Based Polyurethane)

 ASA Dampfix PU

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Discover more about Waterproofing

Bond Breakers/Bandages

Bostik reinforcement products act as a bond breaker in areas of high movement or areas where there are gaps or cracks.

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Water Based Membranes

Water based waterproofing membranes are easy to use product and protect surfaces whilst also providing non-toxic and non-flammable properties.

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Tiling Primers, Adhesives, Grouts & Sealants

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