Fire rated sealants

Fire Rated Sealants

One of the best forms of passive fire protection

Fire and smoke can cause the greatest damage to any building and in many cases; it leaves the building beyond repair. Aside from the physical damage done to the building, this can also leave behind a significant financial and emotional burden to those impacted by it.

Bostik’s range of fire rated sealants compartmentalising (or limit fire and smoke) to one area of the building. This means that the spread of fire and smoke is significantly reduced or slowed down. Bostik fire rated sealants work effectively as a fire retardant between ceilings, beams and joints to stop fires from spreading. 

All Bostik fire rated sealants have a minimum Fire Test Certification of AS1530.4 and AS4072.1.


Fire rated sealants: Smart innovations

Bostik fire rated sealants cure to a tough yet flexible seal that offer fire resistance to buildings and building materials. This prevents the spread of fire and smoke and seals vertical and horizontal joints across various substrates such as insitu concrete floors and walls, precast and tilt up panels, brickwork & blockwork, rendered masonry, plasterboard and fibre cement sheet.

Bostik Fireban One 

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