Polyurethane foam Fillers

Polyurethane Foam Fillers

Self-expanding foam for an airtight, moisture resistant seal

Large, irregular or hard to reach gaps or cavities can cause a range of problems around a dwelling. 

Bostik polyurethane foam fillers are the perfect solution to quickly and easily reduce noise, dust and draughts as well as block access to cavities by rodents and other pests that can quickly invade an open space. If fire rated protection is required; Bostik have a range of fire rated polyurethane foam fillers.


Polyurethane foam fillers: Smart innovations

Bostik polyurethane foam fillers are great insulators against the weather and protect dwellings from the heat and cold while bonding to a variety of building materials to ensure large gaps are filled in the most difficult to reach locations. Once cured, it can be sanded to a smooth finish and painted over for a discrete appearance.

Bostik PU Expanding Faom Range

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Solvent Based Construction Adhesives

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