Our Culture


We define our business culture using a set of core values: the Bostik way

The Bostik way is our company culture. It is the glue that bonds all our employees together across 50 countries and five continents. It is our shared experience. 

The Bostik way


...means that we are courageous and determined in our work.

Boldness means daring to anticipate in our thinking and acting differently.   It drives change to find smart new ways of working.   It moves us quicker to achieve  higher performance for the Group. 


...requires us to listen and learn - all points of view count.

Openness is the capacity to change what we do because of the input and ideas of others.


…is the capacity to solve today's challenges with a long term view and anticipation.

Sustainability requires us to imagine and implement products and systems ,  processes and partnerships  to serve customers and colleagues according to a long term vision. 

Team spirit…

…means that together, we go further and faster.

Team Spirit means a diversity of perspectives, talents and ideas aligned as one to succeed in achieving common challenging goals. It means  is standing together,  taking pride in each other and our team accomplishments and being resilient when facing adversity.


… means being accountable and do the right thing in our business and in our world.

Integrity signifies an unbending commitment to a strict and shared moral and ethical code. It means we are transparent and loyal toward all stakeholders.  We refuse to use or accept all manners of corruption.  

Keeping our commitment…

…means delivering on our commitments.

Keeping our commitment means maintaining the tenacity to deliver what we promise. We make our agreements straightforward and simple so that we can fully keep them.

Working the Bostik way

Along the years, the Bostik way has become firmly rooted in our DNA ..... shaping the way we work and interact with each other, also shaping our global HR policy, tools, and training programs.

The Bostik way also aligns with the competencies that guide our personal development plans. In France, for example, the Bostik team have translated the six values into practical actions to help managers in their daily roles.

The Bostik way is one of our strongest assets. Its values are guiding principles that all employees can use when they are looking for references in their actions and decisions.

Laurent Selles, Corporate Human Resources and Communication Director

The Bostik Smart House

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