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Bostik Careers

Go beyond your discoveries. Choose Bostik, an Arkema's company. Joining Arkema
means to integrate in an international, innovative, and responsible company.
Today, our activities must make a positive contribution to the global society we live in,
and in which future generations will live. Joining us, it's helping to design tomorrow's
world. Bostik is a major activity of the Group. Joining Bostik means to be part of our
growing ambitions.

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We recruit junior, experienced and expert people from wide-ranging backgrounds such
business, marketing, finance, production, support functions.

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The Arkema group relies on teams with a high level of technical competence,
professionalism, and performance. the Group invests in the development of its human

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Whatever your educational background, level of experience and depth of expertise, we
are sure to have a profession that is made for you! In the Group there are more than 200
professions divided into four major areas: industrial, R&D, business and support

Future graduates

To build bridges with future graduates, Bostik joins Arkema to build special ties with
schools and universities around the world.

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Meet members of our team and learn about life at Bostik 

Our culture 

Discover the culture that bonds us together and defines 'the Bostik way' 

Employee development

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